FAB  Fabulous Batik

     Pulau Batanta IV/12, Br. Abiantegal

     Denpasar 80113

     Bali – INDONESIA

     Phone :  +62-361-240987, +628123929430,

     Fax : +62-361-245121

     Email : batikfabulous@gmail.com or multiguna@gmail.com

     Whatsapp/LINE chat : 081 999 668 333

2 thoughts on “About

  1. FAB’s designs and quality are outstanding! These hand-dyed rayons are unique and special – you won’t see anything this exquisite anywhere else in Bali! The quality of the fabric is the very best – fabric woven especially for FAB with a higher-than-usual thread-count results in a smoother hand, better drape and a lot less wrinkles. Excellent English is spoken here. The owner is a gifted designer with strong graphic design skills – most capable of helping you with your batik, screening or hand-dyed fabric needs. With so many batik factories in Bali this one stands out.

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